Message from the Principal


Reopening school this year came with many questions from parents. Here is the best summary of answers at this time.

What will the instructional week look like?

Homeroom Teachers are responsible for planning all lessons and grading all students in their class. Students will have “their teacher” for the school year, as we have always done. Homeroom teachers’ main focus during the four in-person days will be the students in-person. Even a reduced class will take a teacher’s full attention.

Homeroom Teachers will conduct the full remote day on Wednesday with their entire class as well as small groups. The schedule will be created and sent home electronically by September 4. All PreK will be taught by Mrs. Eder and Mrs. Aeschbacher, both in-person and remote.

Remote teachers will support the learning with small group meetings throughout the day for remote students using Google Classroom and Google Meet. Grades PreK and K may use Zoom at the start of the year. We have one remote teacher for grade 6 and one remote teacher for pairs of grades K-5. For example, Mrs. Ferry will be the remote teacher for Grade 6, and Mrs. Sager will be the remote teacher for Grades 4 and  5. Remote and classroom teachers will collaborate on the best use of all instructional time. Remote teachers will be supporting students in the 100% remote group every day except Wednesday.

Remote sessions are currently scheduled for 30 minutes in length per day. Students will be given paper and electronic assignments of varying length by grade level which are expected to be completed at home. ELA and Math are assigned daily, and Science and Social Studies will be assigned weekly. As with homework during a normal school year, different assignments may take more or less time for different children, and any work a student cannot do can be discussed at the next in-person or remote session with a teacher. We are expecting anywhere from 1-2 hours of remote work per day with a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 10 hours per week spent on these assignments.

What will the in-person school day look like?

Morning arrival will take place in the front and back of the building. Buses will unload from the School Street side of the building in a staggered schedule so the sidewalk and hallways are not crowded. Parent drop off will take place in the front of the building as a curbside drop off ONLY. Parents may only get out of the vehicle to assist their children in getting out of car seats and vehicles. Staff will take temperatures of each child and, if the temp is in the acceptable range, the students will be allowed to enter the building. The adult will then be allowed to leave the parking lot. Should a child be screened and have an unacceptable temperature, they will be returned to the vehicle to be taken home. Parent pick up and dismissal details are still being finalized. We expect a staggered, safe approach where parent pickup is curbside, as it was with arrival.

All students attending in-person will have PE one day and either Art, Music, or Library on the other day. Grades K-3 will have Health; Grades 4-6 will have either Library or Computer. Specials have been spread out to reduce the number of students in the hallways at any one time, and more time is given between classes to allow for increased cleaning. Specific schedules will be sent home by the classroom teachers on the first day.

Grading will be done closer to the regular school model. Electronic work will be collected through Google Classroom, and paper-based work will be handed in for grading. Report cards will go out at the end of the 10-week period. Attendance will be taken daily when students check in remotely or attend in person, and attendance credit will be given for completed assignments on remote days.

Once we hold open our doors we will continually discuss best practice and make adjustments to do what is best for kids. We have an outstanding group of teachers and support staff. I trust them to work hard to make the best of this situation.

 Respectfully submitted,

John Cataldo
Elementary School Principal



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